Welcome, my name is Manuel Martinez, and I’m from Las Vegas, NV. I have been in the IT field since graduating from college back in 2002. I have worked my way up the ranks through the many positions I have held in different industries. This site is a collection of stories, notes, and information that I have gathered along the way that I hope helps others in the community along their journey.

The purpose of my site is to get to learn a little about me, my career and tips I’ve gathered along the way about all things data center. I’ll be sharing stories about the different roles that I have held, the skills I learned along the way, and how I used them to be able to evolve in my career. There are tips about how I learned those new skills and have used them in my past and current jobs, and some of the new skills I’ve acquired or am in the process of learning.

While most of my focus is around VMware and it’s products, I also enjoy working with Cisco UCS and PowerShell. Those products have led me towards other technologies in the Software Defined Data Center and around automation. There is a combination of technical deep dives around products I’m familiar with, high-level summaries about technologies I’m learning about, and reference material for others to use for learning.

I hope that you find the material here entertaining, informative, or helpful and look forward to sharing my data center journey with you and having you join me for the rest of the trip.


The views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views of any of my past or current employers.